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What to Pack When Travelling With Kids


When you’re travelling as a family, you have more to think about than just yourself, and that means thinking x number of times when it comes to packing needs too.

Packing for one person is bad enough, packing for a family? Harder!

Forgetting something at this point could be disastrous for your trip, depending on what it is of course, so getting a little advice from other family travellers is a great starting point.

What To Do With The Kids in Paris

The city of love is full of sophistication, fashion, glamour, and a certain je ne sais quoi, which is the ideal destination for a couple in love as a city break. Because of this, you might think that Paris isn’t a place for families, but you’re wrong! Paris is a very child-friendly city, perfect for exploring as a family.

Obviously, you have Disneyland just a short distance outside of the city, which is ideal for a day away from it all,

What To Do With Kids in India

India is a true assault on the senses, in the most positive and beautiful way. There are many who question whether India is a place to take children travelling, but there should be no question, because India is a safe place to go as a family, and it is a wonderful place to go, full of opportunities to open your children’s minds up to a totally different culture, with such diversity.

There are many attractions which are perfect for family fun,

What To Do With Kids in London


The English capital is historic, cultural, and packed with sight-seeing opportunities; think Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and Oxford Circus, to name just a few. The iconic red buses, and the frenetic fast pace of life will certainly greet you when you arrive, and whilst ticking the sight-seeing attractions off your list are definite must-dos, if you’re travelling with kids then you need to factor in a few activities to keep them occupied.

What To Do With Kids in Turkey

We all know that Turkey is a cheap holiday destination in terms of the cost of getting there and where to stay, especially during the summer months. Many low cost airlines head to the southern holiday resorts from May to October, which is the ideal chance to enjoy the culture, history, and of course, the fantastic weather.

Turkey is very family-friendly, and Turks in general are very family-oriented people too, so wherever you go you will be rewarded with a smile and a ‘mashallah!’ – don’t be alarmed by this,

What To Do With the Kids in Thailand

Travelling around Thailand as a family is one of the best experiences you’ll ever have; culture, traditions, and amazing sights which you share together. Whilst the temples and cultural side of things are certainly something you need to check out with the kids, to open their eyes to the wonder that is Thailand and its traditions, you also need to throw in a few purely fun activities, to stop them getting burnt out from sightseeing, and to help them run off steam,