North India on Two Wheels?

//North India on Two Wheels?

Have you ever dreamed of venturing around India? Most people have this mysterious and wondrous location on their bucket list, but few people actually get to head out and see it with their own two eyes. If you have the chance however, grab it with both hands, and feet too!

India is of course a huge country, but one of the most famous parts, and one of the most dramatic, is northern India. This part of the country encompasses the mysterious Himalayas, and perhaps you might get a chance to set eyes on that illusive (thankfully) yeti! The chances are slim however, which is probably a good thing!

How to explore India is a difficult one to cover, because there are many different options available to you. One of the most freedom-inducing ways to check out the wonder of the passing landscapes, as well as checking out plenty of the culture along the way, is on two wheels.

Whether you’re a keen motorcyclist or not, seeing the northern half of India on the back of a motorcycle is certainly a treat, and the many motorcycle tours in North India can show you just how amazing this part of the country is.

Tours are organised by a professional who knows the country inside out, and this means that you don’t have to worry about planning your own route. When you do this, you often miss a lot of the good stuff, because you’re more concerned about how to get from A to B in the easiest and quickest way. Having someone plan your trip for you means that you get to see the highlights in the easiest, fastest, and safest way possible. Of course, the freedom of having the wind in your hair is also something that money can’t buy.

There are many destination tours on offer, so you can tailor-make your trip to encompass the parts of the region that you really want to see for yourself. You can of course decide to spend further time in the country at the end of your tour, and create yourself a twin centre, or even multi-centre break. India is packed with sights to see and experiences to have, not only in the northern part, but all over. It’s worth remembering that there are huge distances to cover if you plan to tour around, so always pay heed to advice and remember to observe the rules of the road – it goes without saying!

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