What To Do With Kids in India

//What To Do With Kids in India

India is a true assault on the senses, in the most positive and beautiful way. There are many who question whether India is a place to take children travelling, but there should be no question, because India is a safe place to go as a family, and it is a wonderful place to go, full of opportunities to open your children’s minds up to a totally different culture, with such diversity.

There are many attractions which are perfect for family fun, whilst throwing in a learning curveball too. Obviously, India is a huge country, and there simply isn’t enough time to list every attraction and activity, but we will talk about some of the major cities and destinations, to give you an idea of what there is to do for kids in this beautiful country.


Children’s Park at India Gate is a great place to take the kids, to not only let them run around the nearby park, with its beautiful musical fountain, but also to help them learn a little history. This is a famous landmark and is a memorial for those who fought in WW1. The added bonus is that Children’s Park is free, so you can head there on a budget and enjoy the facilities.

Alternatively, for a spot of culture, check out Dili Haat. This is a bright and colourful market which the kids will love. There are also performances occasionally too.


Nehru Planetarium is a must visit for families, where you can learn about science and the stars, perfect for a fun spot of education!

Essel World is another place the kids will simply love, and is a large theme park, full of rollercoasters, water-rides, and attractions. This is a full day out, so you should get there early, and on particularly hot days, do think about sun safety, as the park is mainly outdoors.


There is plenty of nature to explore in Kerala, and Periyar National Park is one of them. Kerala is located in the south of the country, and this is rich in beauty. Taking the slow boat ride through the lake will allow the kids to try and spot wildlife foraging on the shores. This is great for kids who are big animal lovers.


The large and bustling city of Calcutta is home to Nicco Park, which is theme park in the heart of the city. There are many rides and attractions to keep everyone occupied, including a waterpark section, which is great for those hot and steamy days in the city.


It’s all about the beach and nature in Goa, and Dudhsagar Falls, in Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, is a wonderful sight to visit. These are the second highest falls in the country, and the trek to the water is very doable for kids.

We mentioned beaches, and there are some beautiful ones in Goa, which never seem to feel crowded. This is ideal for kids who want to play and run, and the ideal situation for adults to relax!

This is literally just a handful of things to do in such a large and vibrant country.

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