What To Do With The Kids in Paris

//What To Do With The Kids in Paris

The city of love is full of sophistication, fashion, glamour, and a certain je ne sais quoi, which is the ideal destination for a couple in love as a city break. Because of this, you might think that Paris isn’t a place for families, but you’re wrong! Paris is a very child-friendly city, perfect for exploring as a family.

Obviously, you have Disneyland just a short distance outside of the city, which is ideal for a day away from it all, but if you want to stay city central, there are many activities to enjoy as a family which your kids will love. If you are wanting to visit Disneyland, just as a tip, make sure you pre-book your tickets, to avoid the huge queues at the main gate.

The Eiffel Tower

Whilst you’re going to see crowds and queues, you simply have to visit the Eiffel Tower on a family visit to Paris. The kids will love the fact they are standing before such a famous place, which they will have read about in books and learnt about at school, and heading to the top will be a big thrill – pray for a clear day and check out the stunning views for miles.

A bike tour around the city

Sightseeing on foot or by metro can get a little tiresome for kids, and you’ll soon have a tantrum coming into your day, so exploring on a bike gives you a different viewpoint, whilst also injecting plenty of fun into it for your kids.

A food tour

If you have picky eaters then perhaps avoid this one, but if you have an adventurous eater in your family then this is a great way to help them learn about local cuisine and culture, whilst trying something new for yourself!

Luxembourg Gardens

On a warm spring or summer day, this is a beautiful location to head to. This is a picturesque park with a fountain, boating lake, carousel, outdoor theatre, and plenty of room for running, playing, and generally tiring themselves out before a good night’s sleep! You can rent a wooden boat and sail around the lake together, or let them simply run, the choice is yours.

Natural History Museum

Whether you’ve been to the London or New York Natural History Museums, it doesn’t matter, because you will always find new artefacts and areas to explore and enjoy. Kids will love the interactive nature of the museum, a truly hands-on experience, and combining education with your day out is a great way to instil a little new knowledge into young brains.

Trailing around the major sights in Paris will no doubt become a little boring or tiresome for little legs; that’s not to say the sights aren’t worth seeing, because they certainly are, but young children might not be old enough to appreciate what they’re seeing fully. Luckily, throwing in a few of these fun activities will help take away any tantrum possibilities.

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